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Making something cool is easy. But making something that matters is almost impossible.

Being told over and over again during their latest tour supporting their debut album, “Your band saved my life” and “Your songs have kept me going when I thought I couldn’t anymore,” friends and bandmates Pat Kiloran, Jack Vondrachek, and John Ogelby somehow stumbled into something that they never expected from their typo-coined music project that started as a satirical joke: the real power of art.

After releasing their first single in the summer of 2017, MILKK was quickly championed underground by music fans and press alike as a band that had something different. There was no big PR campaign, no major label, no secret industry connection. But starting with dozens, to hundreds, to thousands, somehow people kept hearing about the Nashville & Minneapolis-based group with the misspelled name.

With an album (#3 Alternative, #50 US Albums), two EPs (several tracks featured on Spotify editorial playlists), three US tours (sold out shows + merch lines), and an evergrowing (albeit chaotic) social media presence, MILKK is back again with a new wave of self-produced, always evolving tracks.

A stark left-turn from MILKK’s previous alt-pop proclivities, MILKK’s new music makes it clear that key songwriter, Kiloran, has become heavily influenced by the urban environment in which he bought his first, small house in Nashville. With phasey key loops and fast hi-hat and 808 work commonly found in today’s pop and rap staples, Pat’s distinct rasp enters smoothly and uniquely over beats that might otherwise have had Juice WRLD or Post Malone laying down bars, while visually being inspired from Japanese culture and anime.

Regardless of the changes within the music itself, there’s one thing that will always remain with MILKK: a love for the people who care about them and a passion for creating things that mean everything to someone.


Booking Agent — Mike Chiarappa

Taylor Sullivan